Saturday, November 13, 2010

Volkswagen Beetle 2 Door Hard Top 1959

Issued By : KFC Malaysia
Scale : 1:60


Kin said...

Hi Joe Win,

Very seldom to see VW Beetle coupe nowaday.

I sometime still see one or two on the road but they all in yellow.Because of the "Transformer - Bumblebee ".

Nice to keep.


JoeWin said...

hi kin,

thank you for visiting my blog again. yes nowaday very hard to see this VW Beetle coupe.

kin, can I ask you a favor ? I'm looking for detail/information of this VW Beetle 2 Door Hard Top 1959. Do you know where I could get it ? I google alrdy but failed to get the information ;-(


Kin said...

Hi Joe Win ,

You can try Malaysia local used car on line column , motor-trader on line or magazine.
Try also Star news paper.Look for the car section.

Why you also interested to buy one & paint it in Yellow like Bumblebee ?

Good luck to you.


JoeWin said...

Hi Kin,

Thanks for your reply.

No, I'm not buying this VW car but just want to put some related information this post of mine.

Thanks for your help.